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After 5 years of trial and error, the process of cleansing and nourishing has become so clear and obvious to me that I decided to develop my own system, which I called Natural Detox. My program was designed for people like me who wish to lose weight and slow down the signs of aging but don’t know where to begin.

What made me start learning about this process? I think I was at a point in life when I had a problem to resolve and the methods that I had used in the past were no longer working. All of this started 8 years ago as I was approaching my 50-s. Suddenly, I realized (I wish now it had happened sooner) that I have to start doing something fast if I want to keep my body young and healthy.

Naturally, I started asking questions: what affects our biological age and how can we slow down the process of aging? I was looking for the most efficient solutions and I was able to find them.

There are numerous methods and techniques out there on how to “fight the signs of aging” however, the positive effect from these “beauty-treatments” often depends on the initial condition of your body.

The lower is our biological age, the better our cells react to various stimuli and, therefore, the younger we look. The opposite is true when we aren’t feeling well or suffer from illnesses – these treatments will not bring the desired effect. Therefore, it’s safe to say that in order to be beautiful we have to be healthy.


Despite the basic principles of healthy lifestyle being widely known, we often take chaotic and irrational approach when it comes to taking care of ourselves, which pretty much cancel the positive effect from our efforts. We are more prone to believe in some “magical remedy” that is advertised on TV or radio that to realize the value of simple things that we can easily do for ourselves.


For example, when we don’t drink enough water we basically harm ourselves and age our bodies on a daily basis. Almost all processes in our body require water to occur. When we don’t consume enough water, our blood gets thicker and can no longer purge toxins from our body, which slows down our metabolism. You can try as many diets as you like but the weight will keep coming back. Unfortunately, as time goes by and we age, the percentage of water in our body gets lower and lower. This can be compared with the way grapes dry out and become raisings as water escapes out. Something very similar happens with our skin as well as our internal organs. Scientists have proven that lack of water in human body can cause excess weight, wrinkled skin and early aging.


Later, I discovered such thing as pH balance. I had to figure out what it means and why it is so important to us. It turned out, Ph balance directly affects the way we look and feel! German scientist Otto Warburg received his Nobel Prize for discovering that diseases grow and develop is acidic environment rather than alkaline environment. Therefore, by consuming “acidic” foods and drinks we unknowingly speed up the process of aging. Consuming alkaline foods and drinks has the opposite effect and helps our bodies stay younger and healthier. You see now that pH balance is not some “mythical” term that was made up to confuse us. It is very real and extremely important as it helps us stay young and energetic.


There are many factors that can affect our internal and external beauty: lack of minerals and vitamins, hypodynamia, stress…and the list continues. However, until we achieve the water-alkaline balance in our body, our efforts to remain young and beautiful will not bring desired results.


As I gained this knowledge, my approach to drinking water has changed drastically. In the past I didn't drink enough water but now I consume 1.5-2 liters of “alkaline water” on a daily basis. This has brought many positive changes: keeps me energized, helps fighting extra calories, makes my skin look more youthful and, most importantly, makes me feel better and healthier. It’s been a while since I last visited doctor's office.


At first, I didn’t know what to say when my friends and acquaintances were asking me “what are you doing to keep yourself in such a great shape?” I wanted to say “nothing” because it was easier than explaining the importance of “acid-alkaline” environment and the positive effects of alkaline water on our body. However, as time went by, the most dedicated of them became my clients and together we were able to achieve great results in improving the way we look and feel.


One last step that I had to consider on the path to self-improvement was internal body-cleansing. I took some serious steps to resolve this problem. Every day we consume small portions on toxins and harmful preservatives along with foods, drinks and cosmetic products that contain them. In addition, daily consumption of hormone-infused meat, poultry and dairy products along with flavor enhancements and preservatives weakens our immune system and negatively impacts our entire body.


We often eat way more than out body needs and because of that our body is constantly “under stress” trying to digest all of that food. Most of our diet consists of animal-based foods rather than plant-based foods. This leads to waste buildup in our body.


The solution to this problem is pretty obvious: to preserve our youth, beauty and health for a long time, we have to cleanse our body and maintain the alkaline-water balance. This concept represents the foundation of the Natural Detox Program. Alkaline food and water are natural antioxidants and they nourish and “charge” our body cells and facilitate the rejuvenation process. Acidic food and water contain free radicals, which speed up the process of aging. This is a simple concept that will help your body looks and stay younger.


I have been helping women become slimmer, healthier and more youthful by using my "alkaline water" approach for several years. The results from the program have been impressive. It is amazing how significantly you can improve the way you look and feel in 2-3 months simply by changing your daily water consumption regimen.


Natural Detox is a more efficient approach that combines my previous expereinces with new knowledge and allows you to cleanse and "restart" your body, nourish it with vitamins and minerals, improve your skin, nails, hair and feel more energetic. Basically, to get a new you! To consolidate the result, I propose an effective Premium Detox Program for women with a duration of 90 days.


We have to make a desicion wheather to stay young or grow older. We cannot stop our chronological age but we can can reduce our biological age. I like an old syaing that every 40-year-old woman has a face and a body that she deserved by her lifestyle.

Materials used to create the program include:

“Your Body's Many Cries for Water” and “Your are not sick, you are thirsty!” by American scientist Fereydoon Batmanghelidj, MD. “Extreme Health” by Brad J. King, a highly sought after authority on nutrition, author of many books that explore factors affecting our biological age.

Scientific research work by famous Russian scientist Ivan Neumyvakin, developer of health optimization programs for Russian cosmonauts.

Additionally, I used analytical data and statistical results based on the system of body screenings that I conducted for such health and wellness facilities as Studija Fit (Moscow, Russia), Figura Fit, Lady Fitness, Bize, Beauty Empire salon, Scenar Baltic center for non-traditional medicine and VITA Cancer Society Support organization (Riga, Latvia). 

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