Ella Anulova


Natural Detox program was challenging in the beginning. I was constantly craving my favorite "yummies", especially in the evening. However, I was determined not to give up and to go through with the program. I wanted to loose some unwanted pounds, especially in my waste area. This was my main motivator and it kept me on track as I kept my eyes on the prize.

By the end of week 1 I started feeling a lot better and the diet no longer seemed hard to stick to. I started noticing positive results - I lost a few pounds and stared feeling better.

After the program, my digestive system system has improved significantly, my headaches have almost disappeared and so did the constant feeling of bloating and fullness in the upper abdomen.

I lost 11 pounds and I feel and look great! I noticed that I also look younger and my energy level has increased as well. Thank you, Valentina, for your professional heal and support! It was worth the effort!

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