Veronika Kulay


I am super excited about that changes that have occurred after ND! I cannot believe how much weigh I have lost! This is my “before” picture. Here I am wearing Spanx underneath my dress and here is me “after” the program, buying new and bright workout clothes. My skin is noticeably better, brighter and more radiant. My waste is more prominent and, overall, I feel a lot “lighter”! I have gone down one size (M to S)! Of course, people around me have noticed my transformation.

I decided to participate in ND before New Year and I was a bit apprehensive – 3 weeks is a long time and I wasn’t sure if I can do this…. Finally I said to myself: You have to do this!!! Aside from cleansing the body and losing weight, I have gained a few healthy habits. I no longer crave cookies and pastries or put mayo and ketchup on everything. When I go grocery shopping, I try to buy healthier options and read the labels on groceries and cosmetic products.

After my body got rid of toxins, I stared waking up early and doing many things around the house before going to work. Before ND I could barely wake up in the morning and dragged my feet after work. My taste buds have become more sensitive and I have developed new eating habits. I have also learned many new and healthy recipes. They are delicious! I just now started to realize how unhealthy my diet was and how I wanted to eat “junk” and stay slim at the same time…. Of course, I had to change my entire regimen, habits and views on healthy living and this wasn’t easy. However, the results were definitely worth it and I am not planning to stop – I will keep on going!

I lost 12 pounds and several inches in waste and hips. Yaay!

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