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It may sound strange but I keep using the same diet I used during ND even after finishing the program. I like the way I look and feel, the fact that I can feel the “real taste” of good foods and understand what is good for me and my body. In three weeks only, my skin looks better and my body is slimmer. I have more energy and I workout more often.  I still have a few “problem zones” but I look a lot better and I receive many compliments from people around me!

The program is over and I did it! The emotional and physical state during ND varied - fear of failure in the beginning was replaced by happiness and euphoria from achieving first positive results. I am happy that I was able to overcome my fears! First two weeks were fairly easy despite of complete change in my routine and diet. Last week, however, was very hard. I was getting tired and even thought about quitting….I was dreaming about finishing the program and going back to eating my favorite “unhealthy” things. By the end of the program I was slightly panicky as I wasn’t sure what I could and couldn’t eat after the program was over. I realized that there will be no more “weekly menus” and useful tips to let me know what is good for me. What should I do? As it turned out, my fears were exaggerated – my body had gotten used to healthy options so coming off of ND was easy. Of course, I have to make an effort and watch what I eat but I it is way easier than I thought it would be. I learned how to eat smaller portions, add more greens and veggies to my diet, not to eat after 6-7 pm, cut back on sweets and drink more water. I now know a plethora of great recipes and natural cosmetic lines that I plan to continue using in the future.

After the program I lost 11 pounds and went from size L-XL to size M. I celebrated with buying a new dress and I continue to add to my new wardrobe! I am so thankful to Valentina Loginova for her outstandingly productive program, her constant support and great advice! Your works is truly phenomenal!  

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