Anna Zagorodna

I was impressed by the results that I received after the program! I feel upbeat and energetic. I fall asleep quickly, sleep through the night and wake up refreshed. For the first time in my life, my skin looks fantastic even without makeup!

I didn’t even dream about losing as much weight as I did! Weight loss was not my main objective – I wanted to cleanse my body and feel better – but it certainly is a nice bonus! I can effortlessly fit into an old pair of jeans, which I couldn’t even zip up a few weeks ago. I feel more confident and I really enjoy shopping for new outfits. It feels great to be able to wear bright and fun things and get compliments!

These are my “before” and “after” photos. The one on the left was taken last fall and I had gained 3 more pounds after this one. Photo on the right is after I have completed the ND program. Tree weeks have gone by but I continue watching what I eat, trying new recipes and replacing some of the things I used to buy with healthier alternatives.

These are my “before” and “after” photos. The one on the left was taken last fall and I had gained 3 more pounds after this one. Photo on the right is after I have completed the ND program. Tree weeks have gone by but I continue watching what I eat, trying new recipes and replacing some of the things I used to buy with healthier alternatives.

It’s interesting that many things that I loved to eat in the past now seem a lot less appetizing and appealing! For example, my favorite green smoothie at a local café no longer tastes good to me. They probably make it with juice or puree with high sugar concentration. It doesn’t taste nearly as good as out home-made smoothies, juices and cocktails that we made during ND.

I plan to continue eating healthy and paying attention to the pH balance (acidic or alkaline) as well as drinking more water.

I couldn’t imagine that such drastic improvements in your body can only take 3 weeks to become noticeable. I look and feel so much better and that’s not all. My whole mentality has changed – I changed the way I eat, the way I take care of myself and even the way I think.

My motto now is “Tell me what you eat and I will tell you who you are”


Day 1ST: 160.9 pounds

Day 22ND: 147.7

Minus 13.2 pounds!

Veronika Kulay

I am super excited about that changes that have occurred after ND! I cannot believe how much weigh I have lost! This is my “before” picture. Here I am wearing Spanx underneath my dress and here is me “after” the program, buying new and bright workout clothes. My skin is noticeably better, brighter and more radiant. My waste is more prominent and, overall, I feel a lot “lighter”! I have gone down one size (M to S)! Of course, people around me have noticed my transformation.

I decided to participate in ND before New Year and I was a bit apprehensive – 3 weeks is a long time and I wasn’t sure if I can do this…. Finally I said to myself: You have to do this!!! Aside from cleansing the body and losing weight, I have gained a few healthy habits. I no longer crave cookies and pastries or put mayo and ketchup on everything. When I go grocery shopping, I try to buy healthier options and read the labels on groceries and cosmetic products.

After my body got rid of toxins, I stared waking up early and doing many things around the house before going to work. Before ND I could barely wake up in the morning and dragged my feet after work. My taste buds have become more sensitive and I have developed new eating habits. I have also learned many new and healthy recipes. They are delicious! I just now started to realize how unhealthy my diet was and how I wanted to eat “junk” and stay slim at the same time…. Of course, I had to change my entire regimen, habits and views on healthy living and this wasn’t easy. However, the results were definitely worth it and I am not planning to stop – I will keep on going!

I lost 12 pounds and several inches in waste and hips. Yaay!

Rita Latarija

It may sound strange but I keep using the same diet I used during ND even after finishing the program. I like the way I look and feel, the fact that I can feel the “real taste” of good foods and understand what is good for me and my body. In three weeks only, my skin looks better and my body is slimmer. I have more energy and I workout more often.  I still have a few “problem zones” but I look a lot better and I receive many compliments from people around me!

The program is over and I did it! The emotional and physical state during ND varied - fear of failure in the beginning was replaced by happiness and euphoria from achieving first positive results. I am happy that I was able to overcome my fears! First two weeks were fairly easy despite of complete change in my routine and diet. Last week, however, was very hard. I was getting tired and even thought about quitting….I was dreaming about finishing the program and going back to eating my favorite “unhealthy” things.

By the end of the program I was slightly panicky as I wasn’t sure what I could and couldn’t eat after the program was over. I realized that there will be no more “weekly menus” and useful tips to let me know what is good for me. What should I do? As it turned out, my fears were exaggerated – my body had gotten used to healthy options so coming off of ND was easy. Of course, I have to make an effort and watch what I eat but I it is way easier than I thought it would be. I learned how to eat smaller portions, add more greens and veggies to my diet, not to eat after 6-7 pm, cut back on sweets and drink more water. I now know a plethora of great recipes and natural cosmetic lines that I plan to continue using in the future.

Yulia Kulay

I was hoping to achieve positive results after the ND program however, what happened to me far exceeded my expectations! I am not just talking about the weight loss (I lost 12 pounds!) and the compliments that I am getting from people around me but also the significant improvements inside my body – my digestion, my skins and hair. I practically got rid of my chromic muscle pains and I feel more energetic. Even my cycles have become more regular and less painful.

My emotional state has significantly improved as a result. I am finally able to go back to the active lifestyle that I led before my health issues.  

I have learned a lot about alkaline water and healthy foods and combinations. I know how to cleanse my body, stay healthy and look great! I will continue to use this knowledge in the future to keep myself in good shape.

I would like to thank the wonderful specialist Valentina Loginova for making me feel young, beautiful and energetic again! If you are thinking about losing weight, improve your health and your state of mind, you should try Natural Detox.

You will be blown away!

Ella Anulova

Natural Detox program was challenging in the beginning. I was constantly craving my favorite "yummies", especially in the evening. However, I was determined not to give up and to go through with the program. I wanted to loose some unwanted pounds, especially in my waste area. This was my main motivator and it kept me on track as I kept my eyes on the prize.

By the end of week 1 I started feeling a lot better and the diet no longer seemed hard to stick to. I started noticing positive results - I lost a few pounds and stared feeling better.

After the program, my digestive system system has improved significantly, my headaches have almost disappeared and so did the constant feeling of bloating and fullness in the upper abdomen.

I lost 11 pounds and I feel and look great! I noticed that I also look younger and my energy level has increased as well. Thank you, Valentina, for your professional heal and support! It was worth the effort!

Marina Lisyanskaya Blyakhman

Surprisingly, it was fairly easy for me to get through the Natural Detox program. The feeling of hunger wasn’t very strong. I was able to lose weight and improve the way I look and feel in three weeks only. I was amazed that my urge to eat pastry and sweets has completely disappeared. Not long ago I couldn’t imagine my meals without dessert but now I have replaced sweets with fruits and smoothies and I love it!

In the past, I couldn’t imagine starting my day without a cup of coffee. Now I have completely excluded coffee from my diet. I remember ordering my favorite cup of coffee after the program only to find out that I no longer like the way it tastes! As it turns out, I don’t need coffee to get me going in the morning!

After completing the ND program I continue to gravitate towards healthy foods. I have stopped eating bread and sweets as well as drinking coffee. My lifestyle has also changed and my stomach has shrunk and it no longer needs as much food as it did in the past.

After completing the ND program I continue to gravitate towards healthy foods. I have stopped eating bread and sweets as well as drinking coffee. My lifestyle has also changed and my stomach has shrunk and it no longer needs as much food as it did in the past.

I am astonished by positive results: not only did I lose weight but I started feeling better, lighter, and more energetic. I was a little hesitant to start the program due to my thyroid issues but the gluten-free diet has helped improving this problem. My size has changed from L to M and I was finally able to fit into my favorite business suit that I hadn’t been able to wear for a long time.

I lost a total of 11 pounds and shaved 3 inches off my waste and 2 inches off my hips in 3 weeks! I will continue to stick to the healthy diet as my goal is to get down to 150 lbs.

I highly recommend the ND program to those who not only want to lose weight but also improve the way they look and feel! Thank you, Valentina, for all of your help and support! My husband and friends love the new me and, most importantly, I love the way I look and feel! 

Christina Dinaburska, Riga

To be honest, I was apprehensive as to how I would be able to complete the program. I was afraid that I would not be able to stick to the diet because I like food so much. J However, I was pleasantly surprised by the results. Not only was I not hungry during the program, I often wasn’t able to eat everything that was on the menu. At the same time, I was able to lose 12 lbs. in as little as 3 weeks! My waste has become more prominent, my skin has cleared and my energy has increased tremendously! Most importantly, I have developed new habits and understanding of how to maintain these great results.


Prior to Natural Detox, I tried many diets but I was never able to get the results that I wanted. I was always hungry. Natural Detox offers a great variety of healthy meal options that I continue to use after finishing the program. Surprisingly, I am no longer craving coffee in the morning. Instead, I drink smoothies and cleansing drinks.

My results are astounding!

My friends and clients are just as impressed by my rapid transformation as I am. I love the way I look and get compliments from others! Thank you, Valentina Loginova, for your amazing Natural Detox Program and for her endless care and support !!!

Lubov Sikerzhitska, Riga

Natural Detox Program is a miracle!


I am so pleased! I never expected that such impressive results can be achieved in as little as 21 days: my belly (my most problematic area) has disappeared and I have started to feel much more energetic and flexible during my workouts. I am feeling great! People around me are noticing that I look much younger and healthier.


This is so encouraging! Valentina’s competent and professional recommendations have helped me to cleanse my body and restart my metabolism. I was able to get a whole new outlook on how to take care of your body and be healthy.


Now I know how I can quickly and easily prepare delicious and healthy meals and keep myself in an excellent shape!

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